A. Evergreen Signature Facial Treatment (60 min)

Deep cleansing, peeling & steaming relaxing therapeutic
massage from face to shoulders & neck. Eyebrow
shaping, pimple and blackhead extraction. Pure essence
hydrating mask to balance skin and treat lines & wrinkles
followed by hydrating essence whitening cream to clarify
skin and instantly leave skin bright, white & subtle.

Once $38 Ten Times $288


C. Essential Glow Facial Treatment (90 min)

Deep cleansing, peeling & steaming. Relaxing therapeutic massage from face to shoulders & neck. Eyebrow shaping, diminish fine lines, discoloration & wrinkles. Pimples extraction Essence-infused ultrasound treatment for deeper penetration into the skin. Deep hydrating mask & soft mask to reveal smooth & radiant skin.

Once $48 Ten Times $388




B. Anti-Acne & Purifying Treatment (90 min)

Deep layer cleansing, peeling, anti-microbial steam
relaxing therapeutic massage from face to shoulders
& neck .Eyebrow shaping. Pimple and blackhead
extraction. Reduce acne scarring, followed by high
frequency to kill bacteria and calm the skin. Soothing
base mask & soft mask to regenerate healthy cells,
reduce pore si2e & purify the skin.

Once $48 Ten Times $388

D. Gold Crystal Collagen Facial Treatment (90 min)

Deep layer cleansing, peeling, steaming relaxing therapeutic massage from face to shoulders & neck, eyebrow shaping, pimple extraction. Essence with ultrasound for deeper penetration into skin. Collagen mask with vitamin E to moisturize & maintain healthy skin color. Followed by application of hydrating essence bio-cream to reveal silky smooth skin.

Once $68 Ten Times $488

E. Bio light treatment (90 min)

Bio lighting therapy machine includes red, blue, green, yellow, orange, turquoise, and purple colors. It is capable of penetrating directly into the skins stimulating skin cell activity and accelerating collagen production. By doing this, we can reduce fine lines rejuvenate skin, improve skin elasticity, and treat minor to moderate acne problems.

Once $128 Ten Times $988


G. DermaLift Regeneration Treatment  (90 min)

DermaLift System Treatment uses the most advanced technology to improve skin renewal, speed up collagen production. Restore skin radiation and smoothness.
• Flawless!DermaLift System Treatment helps to improve skin appearance, renew skin structure, improve skin elasticity, remove exceed crease and dirt, restore smooth skin.'
• Painless!DermaLift System uses the most advanced Induction Motor technology, its 3840 times per minute vibration is faster than human nerve reaction, to reduce pain to the very minimal,
• Infection Free!DermaLift uses disposable applicator that individually packed to make sure all uses are safe.
• Risk Free!It is free from any bleeding or scratches, reduces the repairing & maintaining process after the treatment. Application of makeup the day after the treatment is safe as well.

Once $198 Six Times $888


K.Diamond Dermabrasion (90 min)

The IDPTM is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-chemical treatment. It provides a gentle effective mechanical peeling of the skin called Micro Epidermabrasion. The IDPTM uses diamond crystals to abrade the topmost layer of the skin while vacuuming dead skin cells away. This process treats aging and sun-damage, certain acne scars and acne, some finelines and wrinkles, stretch marks, and altered pigmentation. This machine could be used all over the body and on the face.

Once $88 Ten Times $688


F. Therma G-Plus (RF) Treatment (90 min)

• Stimulate metabolism: using deep heat to accelerate the breakdown of fat.
• Promote blood and lymph circulation: eliminate fats, wastes, and toxic materials.
• Tones the face and body: improves skin elasticity.
• Digestive tract: it encourages regularity.
• Better posture: alleviates muscle tension and stress.

Once $138 Ten Times $1088


H. Special Eye Treatment   (60 min)

Gold collagen mask fills out fine lines, lightens dark circles & reduces puffiness for a rejuvenated look.

Once $48 Ten Times $388