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Body Treatments

J. Body Slimming Treatment

1. Massage with special hand movement to reduce cellulite and burn fat using a hot slimming cream.

2. Use endermatic (G5 machine) to burn the fat.

3. Use the 3D slimming system, a high-tech machine that releases currents through the skin to burn fat and remove cellulite.

4. Heating blanket to help release body toxins through sweating.

Once $68 Ten Times $488


K. Special Therapy for Females

Since ancient Chinese times, people said that if you feel pain then that part of the body's blood circulation is poor. Only the king's doctor would know a special message to promote an all-over blood circulation, a healthy lymphatic system a healthy reproductive system (fertility), by releasing the pressure points of the body. The use of a heating lamp is used also to dissolve blood or bruises in the body for a better blood circulation throughout. This special message also balances hormones in the female body, slows down the aging process, regulates the menstrual cycle, and relieves the pain it comes with.

Once $68 Ten Times $488